Our museum is a national research and development programme comprising five Danish universities and eight museum partners. We facilitate new forms of citizen engagement by developing and studying how museums interact with the public in innovative ways. 

We are keen to understand how museums’ innovative practices of public interaction handle the concepts of enlightenment and entertainment, since these concepts operate as key dimensions of museums’ societal engagement in the past as well as today. Through the programme’s 13 projects we design, document and evaluate how forms of public interaction and societal engagement have changed - and can change - to benefit citizens and society at large. 

Supported by the Nordea-fonden , the VELUX FONDEN and the programme partners.


Kirsten Drotner (Programme Director)
Mail: drotner@sdu.dk
Phone: +45 21 35 63 25

Simone Hansen (Programme Coordinator)
Mail: simoneh@sdu.dk
Phone: +45 65 50 35 86