Production criteria for a transmedia exhibition

Exploring production criteria for a transmedia exhibition

Project partner

PhD Fellow Vash Selvadurai, Aalborg University

Project period


Certain aspects of trans-media and cross-media is today experimentally tested in relation to museums and exhibitions in order to enhance the visitor experience. However there are only a few examples that really exploit the potential of transmedia aspects. The primary objective of this project is to generate theory, methods and techniques for creating and implementing an involving and educative transmedia exhibition, which bridges the pre- and post-experience with the actual visit. In correlation with the state-of-the-art of transmedia experience, the value sought is to synthesize new knowledge about creating an involving and educative transmedia exhibition and to create knowledge about the organisational implementation to manage a transmedia exhibition. The project is a collaboration between North Sea Oceanarium and Aalborg University and is funded by the Innovation Fund.