Design of participatory practices

Co-creating 'the explorative exhibition'

Project partners

Postdoc, PhD Rikke Haller Baggesen; Associate Professor, PhD Michael Haldrup, Roskilde University; and ENIGMA Museum of Communication

Project period

1 August 2016 - 31 July 2019

Digital technologies not only contribute to changes in museums’ physical and virtual modes of communication, they also inspire new types of exchange between museums and their public, for example when users are invited to participate as co-collectors. In this process, practices of collection and mediation become merged, while conventional museum practices are renegotiated. The project focuses on this development by examining the interplay between collection and communication, experience and education, and user participation and professional practice in a co-creative museum context. Furthermore, the project considers how design methods and research collaborations may support the museum's development process. In empirical terms, the project co-designs and evaluates an explorative project at the Enigma Museum of Communication through a process of collaborative workshops and user involvement, focused on developing valuable experiences as well as relevant content.